Thursday, April 28, 2011

XPLife 5.5 Final

                                            XPLife 5.5 Final | 107 MB

XPLife - a program designed to change the interface Windows XP x86 (32-bit), making it look like Vista and Seven. A distinctive feature of XPLife a stable job and support for two system restore points.
With the transformation 
of the system is changing a lot of icons, pictures, add new functions, sounds, cursors, upgraded to the 500 system files, only about 4000 resources. 
Windows interface is designed in multiple colors, fourteen and fourteen styles, the choice will satisfy even the most demanding users. 
The program changes only the visual part of the 
Windows files without affecting the code, so safe to use and does not consume additional resources are used only by the system. Program has Russian interface......

XPLife very simple and intuitive, does not add any new heavy visual elements are replaced with only standard, which does not affect the speed of the system. One-click Windows and transformed beyond recognition. In the menu there are comments that will help do the right thing.

What's New in This Release:
Updated components and resources;
A few small fixes

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